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6 Dodgeballs, Gameday Ball Carrier & PVC Court Markings for just £79.99!

  1. Choose the colour of your balls from our current size 3 range
  2. If you choose mixed, please state your selection in order notes
  3. Choose the colour of your Gameday Ball Carrier
  4. Wait for your goodies to arrive!



  • Cloth dodgeball (anti sting) - suitable for all abilities
  • Size 3 - suitable for adults
  • Same standard used in British Dodgeball, EDF and WDBF competitions globally
  • Polyester outing with butyl bladder
  • Inflate to 2 PSI
  • Colours Available: 
    • Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, House of Dodge or Mixed


Gameday Ball Carrier 

  • Tubular design allows you to stack up to 6 balls 
  • Strap makes it easy to carry
  • Its compact design makes it perfect for travelling to fixtures
  • Colours Available:
    • Red, Black 


PVC Court Markings

  • Multi-purpose - Use for marking courts or for drills
  • Hard-wearing and anti-slip technology
  • Highly visible
  • Each set consists of 4 corner pieces and 12 lines, stored in a mesh bag
  • Components make up the boundaries of a standard British Dodgeball court