About Us

The story so far:

Hello... Henry & Mark (also known as @dodgeballstrawbs) here!

House of Dodge was started back in 2020 when we recognised how difficult it was to find dodgeball specific equipment all in one place. Not to mention the lack of content and media coverage too!
That's why we decided to launch HOD, combining our 22+ years of dodgeball experience, to get all of the best equipment and knowledge (and brains) all in one place, with the vision to grow the sport outside of the traditional boundaries. 
Having both played for our countries and numerous other teams on multiple occasions, as well as World Dodgeball Champs together in Mexico and Canada, we like to think we know a thing or two about dodgeball. And we hope you can join us on our journey!

Our ambition...

...is to help grow and support the dodgeball community in the UK by providing ALL players with the gear they need to be the best they can on and off the court.