Dodgeball Accessory Bundle

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Stay ahead of your rivals with our brand new bundle! PVC Court Markings and an Agility Ladder for just £29.99!

PVC Court Markings 

No more tape! The perfect solution for dodgeball court markings that you can use again and again!

    • Each dodgeball court marking set consists of 4 corner pieces and 12 lines, stored in a mesh bag
    • Components make up the boundaries of a standard British Dodgeball court
    • Multi-purpose - Use for marking courts or for drills; can be laid out a number of ways!
    • Hard-wearing and anti-slip - Made from grippy PVC
    • Highly visible - Currently in bright yellow

Agility Ladders

Want to have quicker feet than Alex Harrison? Then invest in a 6m agility ladder. Perfect for developing footwork skills and court agility

    • 6 metre agility ladder
    • Adjustable gaps between each rung
    • Easily folds away
    • Stored in a canvas bag
    • Perfect for technical skill drills