The Beverz Rating; League Meet One

The Beverz Rating; League Meet One

Last weekend was one of the most widely anticipated dodgeball events this year, with national leagues finally beginning. So, it's time for us to review the first round's results and finally reveal the true Beverz Rating of each team. Don't know what The Beverz Rating is? Then read our introduction here.

In simple terms, higher the rating, then statistically better the team. And based on the weekend's results you can see the change in their rating.

Women’s Super League

Derby Phantoms (f) v Manchester Queen Bees

Bedford Rangers v London Storm (f)

Leamington Spartans (f) v Nottingham Sheriffs

You have to start league by making a statement and that’s exactly what was done in our first matches to watch. Derby were marginal favourites against the Manchester Queen Bees. Whereas London Storm were 55% favourites against Bedford Rangers.  Both teams' predictions meant nothing. Derby were comfortable winners 20-4 in the end and London ran away 14-6 winners. However, it was the second games that were more telling. Derby claimed the dark horse status by winning 17-7 against Bedford Rangers, whereas London gave us more questions than answers in a 15-11 loss to Wessex Wolves in British Dodgeball's first streamed game. One to watch back.

In our final match to watch this weekend, we nailed Leamington Spartans vs Nottingham Sheriffs. Leamington’s first game was as straight forward as they had hoped with a 15-7 win against Wessex. Nottingham’s less so with a 16-4 loss to the East Anglian Valkyries, a team who has gained a few key players over the summer. Now whoever gave Nottingham a team talk between their first and second game should be given a medal. The response from the team was fantastic and they pushed Spartans all the way; 12-12 final score. NZP may have been correct in saying this team needs to gel more, and I will add that no one should be writing off Nottingham just yet.

To round off the super league Bedford Mighty Eagles haven’t missed a step 20-4 and 16-8 against Leicester White Tigers and East Anglia Valkyries respectively. That makes them and Derby the only teams with 2 wins. Finally, Leicester White Tigers were shown that this league is not for the faint hearted with a 22-4 loss against Manchester Bees which has placed them at the bottle of the table.

Position Team Rating* Change
1 Derby Phantoms 1324 +37
2 Bedford Mighty Eagles 1342 +19
3 Leamington Spartans 1325 -19
4 London Storm 1294 -10
5 East Anglia Valkyries 1320 -2
6 Manchester Queen Bees 1275 -17
7 Wessex Wolves 1180 +26
8 Nottingham Sheriffs 1214 +3
9 Bedford Rangers 1238 -25
10 Leicester White Tigers 1101 -15

* As there is less data in the women’s game, the accuracy of the ratings fluctuate more for all teams. Do not try to compare them to the Men’s ratings

Women’s League 1

Manchester Honey Bees (f) v Norwich Nighthawks

Derby Phantoms 2s (f) v Stafford Raptors

London Storm 2s v Norwich Nighthawks (f)

The best place to start with this league is the top two. Stafford Raptors showed that they are the front runner giving up only 6 set points all day to their second team and Derby Phantoms 2. The Beverz system needs a tweak after they have shot up a mighty 60 points. Manchester Honey Bees were looking different to the super league team from last season but they still showed they could play with two wins against Nottingham Sheriffs 2 and Norwich Nighthawks.

As NZP mentioned in our last article, London Storm 2 were one of the better teams on paper and they showed that with a dominant display, 21-3 against Nottingham Sheriffs. However, when it came to our third match to watch against Norwich Nighthawks they faltered. Norwich Nighthawks regrouped after their narrow loss to Manchester and defeated London Storm 11-9.

Derby Phantoms 2 and Stafford Raptors 2 both had a mixed day losing to Stafford in one game but then having very good performances against newcomers Worcester Virtue Empire. Worcester join Nottingham Sheriffs 2 at the base of the table with zero points apiece.

Position Team Rating Change
1 Stafford Raptors 1077 +60
2 Manchester Honey Bees 1210 +1
3 London Storm 2 1163 +23
4 Derby Phantoms 2 1079 -11
5 Stafford Raptors 2 1002 +2
6 Norwich Nighthawks 1128 +9
7 Nottingham Sheriffs 2 1100 -33
8 Worcester Virtue Empire 943 -57

Men’s Super League

Bedford Rangers v London Storm 1s (f)

Leicester (f) v London Storm 2s

Everyone thought that this league had a top half and a bottom half with Leamington Spartans, Lutterworth Meteors, Manchester Killer Bees, Bedford Rangers and London Storm 1 making up the top 5. If we learnt anything from this week it is that the other half don’t agree. Starting with Nottingham Sheriffs who had by far the worst fixtures of the day facing NZP’s top two in Leamington Spartans and Lutterworth Meteors. They met the problem head on starting with Lutterworth and ground out a 10-12 loss, a somewhat small victory. They might say that it was comfortable but when you win by only one set, it probably wasn’t. Then with all the confidence in the world they went on to face Leamington. This was a lot more straight forward for this title contenders methodically dispatching Nottingham 16-8. This was the Beverz Ratings most accurate prediction being only 3% out, resulting in no rating change for both teams.

The other team who wants to disrupt the top-bottom divide is Wessex Wolves. After Leamington had beaten them 21-5 on stream, it seemed like London could put up a similar score line. However, it wasn't to be with storm starting out a little slow, Wessex secured a 13-13 draw against a London team that contains some very high-profile players. A result they will be happy with.

As for the Match to Watch this weekend, London Storm went up against Bedford Rangers in the very first match of super league. These two had been going back and forth in off-season fixtures, so it was going to be a great game either way. Bedford Rangers won this one and will see this as their official announcement of title contention.

Leamington Spartans, Bedford Rangers and Lutterworth Meteors all won their second fixtures against Wessex, MK Cyclones and London Storm 2 respectively to be 100% on the day. The other team that has two wins and sits atop the table currently is Manchester Bees who avoided potential upsets against Leicester Dodgeball and MK Cyclones.

House of Dodge seemed to have nailed another match to watch as Leicester narrowly defeated London Storm 2s to claim two precious points which puts them in the top half of the table.

Position Team Rating Change
1 Manchester Killer Bees 1507 +5
2 Leamington Spartans 1579 +1
3 Bedford Rangers 1513 +2
4 Lutterworth Meteors 1546 -5
5 Leicester Dodgeball Club 1431 -1
6 London Storm 1502 -5
7 Wessex Wolves 1391 +2
8 Nottingham Sheriffs 1439 +3
9 London Storm 2 1382 +1
10 MK Cyclones 1427 -5

Men’s League 1

Bedford Eagles (f) v Derby Phantoms

Bedford Rangers 2s v Coventry Silverbacks (f)

London Storm 3s (f) v Thunderdodge

One of the biggest surprises so far, a team that didn’t have a point to their name in 19-20 are currently undefeated! We identified London Storm 3 v Thunderdodge because of how close the match would be and that the points won’t be coming thick and fast for these two teams. Thunderdodge came through 15-11 winners but it was their second fixture that has raised eyebrows. Thunderdodge now sit a lofty third after beating Manchester Worker Bees in their second match.

But to no surprise, Derby Phantoms and Coventry Silverbacks were both identified by NZP as title contenders, and fill the top two spots. Coventry rolled over Manchester and Bedford Rangers 2 in their two games to claim top prize. However, it was Derby Phantoms who have made a statement of intent with a 15-11 win over Bedford Mighty Eagles. We are all itching to see what happens when these two teams meet on the 21st of November.

Bedford Mighty Eagles were able to bounce back with a good 16-10 win against Nottingham Sheriffs 2. Sheriffs 2 had previously lost to Bedford Rangers 2 in there first match and the teal army will happily point out that their score line was better.

At the other end of the table, we have already mentioned Nottingham and Manchester are winless, but Virtue Empire are also winless going into meet two. I’m sure all three teams are eager to show us what they're capable of achieving.

London Storm 3 will be relatively happy, as mentioned they are fresh faced to this division. They managed to draw against a Leeds Owls team that cannot be underestimated and are hot on the heels of the front three.

Position Team Rating Change
1 Coventry Silverbacks  1433 +8
2 Derby Phantoms  1410 +7
3 Thunderdodge  1343 +10
4 Leeds Owls  1399 +1
5 Bedford Mighty Eagles  1482 -9
6 Bedford Rangers 2  1397 +1
7 London Storm 3  1362 -2
8 Nottingham Sheriffs 2  1367 -4
9 Manchester Worker Bees  1367 -13
10 Virtue Empire   1342 -10

Men’s League 2

Carmarthen Wizards v Rhondda Dragons (f)

Manchester Soldier Bees (f) v Carmarthen Wizards

This was my favourite league and the first meeting showed how good this league could be. I think one thing that the NZP failed to mention was how influential the Welsh Teams could be in this division. I don’t know if BD purposefully put Rhondda Dragons and Carmarthen Wizards against each other as their first game but both teams were definitely fired up for this one. Rhondda took a relatively comfortable win 19-7 but both teams went on to win their other match and are hungry for English blood in the next meet.

I love a good stat; Rhondda are 4th with a set difference of +28, across all leagues only 6 teams have a better set difference. That means Leamington Spartans, Norwich Nighthawks and Stafford Raptors account for half of them. Stafford Raptors Womens were the only team to concede less set points than Norwich and Leamington COMBINED. This shows the dominance of these four teams and none of the teams in the rest of the division were safe. The only team who put up a fight which cannot be ruled out just yet is Derby Phantoms 2. They pushed Stafford Raptors all the way and if one double catch didn’t exist then the table would look a little different.

The only other teams with a win were Wessex Wolves 2 and Carmarthen Wizards who both went up against Manchester Soldier Bees who will be disappointed with their performance.

Position Team Rating Change
1 Leamington Spartans 2 1296 +23
2 Norwich Nighthawks 1285 +18
3 Stafford Raptors 1301 +12
4 Rhondda Dragons 1277 +13
5 Camarthen Wizards 1254 +2
6 Wessex Wolves 2 1213 +2
7 Manchester Soldier Bees 1267 -21
8 Derby Phantoms 2 1270 -10
9 Stafford Raptors 2 1201 -17
10 MK Cyclones 2 1196 -30

Men’s League 3

Sheffield Bovines (f) v Norwich Nighthawks 3s

We said this league would be a mixed bag and it certainly was. But two teams emerged from the chaos to be possible front runners. Sheffield Bovines and Coventry Silverbacks 2 were the only two teams with two wins from two. Coventry 2 come out top on set difference with wins against Norwich Nighthawks 2 and Hartlepool Mavericks. Sheffield beat Norwich Nighthawks 3 and Worcester Virtue Empire Slayers. In third place we have the team that refuses to win convincingly, Leicester Predators had a 13-13 draw against Hartlepool and 12-10 win against Canterbury Crocodiles.

Canterbury lead the teams with a win and a loss after beating Worcester Virtue Neophytes convincingly before they in turn beat Burton Bears. Nighthawks 3 also beat Burton whilst their second team beat the Virtue Slayers. These two teams are holding up the rest after losing both of their games. However, we all know that a team can lose both games but then after a few weeks training can come back and then make a run the rest of the season.

Position Team Rating Change
1 Coventry Silverbacks 2 1053 +53
2 Sheffield Bovines 1061 +22
3 Leicester Predators 1143 -6
4 Canterbury Crocodiles 1023 +33
5 Norwich Nighthawks 2 1026 +8
6 Norwich Nighthawks 3 1027 -7
7 Virtue Neophytes 984 -16
8 Hartlepool Mavericks 1138 -21
9 Burton Panthers 980 -20
10 Virtue Slayers 971 -29