The Beverz Rating; League Meet 8

The Beverz Rating; League Meet 8

This week we are only going to focus on the top 3 of each table but don’t worry we shall have a full article next week!

Women’s Super League

The best league, full stop. I am glad that British Dodgeball are showcasing 5 matches this week because every match in this league is a classic. Valkyries beat Spartans to keep the title alive. Bedford Rangers had a win snatched from them in the dying seconds by Manchester Queen Bees. And Derby Phantoms picked up two valuable points in a close match against Nottingham Sheriffs!

At the top it shows how close this league is with Spartans on 23, 3 teams on 20 and another on 19. It’s a shame that only three will be getting a medal.

I was premature predicting London Storm v Derby Phantoms but after another case of London Storm throwing points away in the last second on mixed league weekend, I have more belief that the curse exists. First match on court 2 and with no matches on court 3 it means you can get front row seats.

East Anglia Valkyries avoid any of the top half of the table so should do some catching up or pulling away depending on how other matches go. Speaking of which its Leamington Spartans v Bedford Mighty Eagles. 12-8 to Spartans in the previous encounter but that means nothing in this league.

Derby Phantoms 12-12 London Storm - (Phantoms favourited 50.9%)
Leamington Spartans 13-11 Bedford Eagles 55%

Men’s Super League

In the Men’s Super League, its now all about Leamington Spartans after their 13-11 win over Meteors; they are now in pole position to win the league. If you want a recap of this match, then definitely head over to Matt Wiehl’s YouTube channel. He did a perfect job analysing the key moments and big plays in that match: Watch it here!

Is Leamington Spartans road to gold easy? Definitely not! After a small break against bottom of the table they have to face 3rd, 4th and 5th in order to close out the season. Their second match this week is against Bedford Rangers, who have just come off a big win in the medal race against Manchester Bees. After Mark Allan and Tamas Ward have come off MVP level performances, I think both will be firing on all cylinders again, shame they’re on different wings.

As for Meteors, their run in is easier but they still must face 4th and 5th before the end of the season. In their match of the week, it's all about the bounce back. Meteors lost to Spartans and their opponents Manchester Bees lost to Bedford Rangers. 

Bedford Rangers 10-14 Leamington Spartans 58%
Lutterworth Meteors 14-10 Manchester Bees 56.7%

Men’s League 1

Similar story in league 1. Coventry survived the match against Derby Phantoms with a 12-12 draw and sit one point ahead of them in the league. However, unlike Spartans 2, they one roadblock I see them having is Bedford Mighty Eagles. The team sitting in third, two points behind and has a better points difference. I would say if they win that, then the title is waiting for them in the final week.

Phantoms and Mighty Eagles have much tougher roads, they both could slip up against Bedford Rangers 2 this week and Leeds in the final week.

Bedford Eagles 15- 9 Bedford Rangers 2nds 62.7%
Bedford Eagles 14-10 Coventry Silverbacks 56.6%

Men’s League 2

Norwich Nighthawks, is anyone not backing them to take the title for this league? They need to lose twice, and Leamington Spartans 2 go 4-0 and even then it goes to set difference. That means if Spartans lose to either Stafford Raptors (4th) or Derby Phantoms 2 (6th) and they beat Rhondda Dragons (3rd) and MK Cyclones 2 (8th) then we could be crowning a champion this week. I don’t think it will happen because I’m predicting an upset with Rhondda beating Norwich no matter what my rating says.

Norwich Nighthawks 13-11 Rhondda Dragons 54.6%
Leamington Spartans 2 13-11 Stafford Raptors 53%

Men's League 3

In contrast to the league above this one is on like Donkey Kong. Its annoying that none of the top two are facing each other in any of the leagues but this one is the closest. This week Coventry Silverbacks 2 (1st) are facing Sheffield Bovines (4th) whilst Leicester Predators 2nd are facing Norwich Nighthawks 2 (3rd). With only one point separating the top 2 and four points separating the top 3. This is the week that will define the final table.

Leicester Predators 14-10 Norwich Nighthawks 2nds 58.2%
Coventry Silverbacks 2 16-8 Sheffield Bovines 66%