The Beverz Rating; League Meet 2

The Beverz Rating; League Meet 2

Once again, teams from around the country will assemble at St. George's Park in Burton this weekend, for what's going to be a spicy day of dodgeball.

Round 2 of National League will see some great fixtures, and Beverz has been back on the ol' spreadsheet predicting some results.

We've put together some of the games to watch with a predicted score line. And some time next week, we'll check back in with a report!

See the current league standings here.


Women's Super League:

Leamington Spartans (f) 12-12 East Anglian Valkyries

Bedford Mighty Eagles 15- 9 Bedford Rangers

Women’s League 1

Manchester Honey Bees 16-8 Derby Phantoms 2

Norwich Nighthawks 14 - 10 Stafford Raptors

Men’s Super League

Leamington Spartans 13-11 Lutterworth Meteors

London Storm 14- 10 Nottingham Sheriffs

Manchester Bees 12-12 (f) Bedford Rangers

Men’s League 1

Coventry Silverbacks 13-11 Derby Phantoms

Bedford Mighty Eagles 17-7 Thunderdodge

Men’s League 2

Stafford Raptors 13- 11 Norwich Nighthawks

Stafford Raptors 2 (f) 12-12 MK Cyclones 2

Men’s League 3

Leicester Predators 15-9 Coventry Silverbacks 2

Burton Panthers (f) 12-12 Virtue Slayers