The Beverz Rating; Big Movers and League 3 Predictions

The Beverz Rating; Big Movers and League 3 Predictions

This is just a quick update about the biggest movers in the Beverz rating in National League so far this season. It's hard to put these values into context but in an ideal world 10 points corresponds to going up a place in the national standings.

There are only 1/3 the amount of women's teams so the ratings fluctuate more. So, trying to obtain accurate ratings can be more difficult. At the top it's about the same but at the bottom it's closer to 30 points for 1 position. The more data that comes in, the closer the ratings will correlate to the men's.

Men’s Super League:

Nottingham Sheriffs - Up 14 points

14 points may not seem a lot compared to some of the scores in the other leagues but stay with me. Even though Sheriffs are sitting 5th with 2 wins and 2 losses, they have bettered their predicted result in every match with only The Rangers doing the same. They started off with 2 of the hardest games against Spartans and Meteors, only losing to the later by 1 set. Then they have taken advantage of a weakened Storm team and took a tasty win off MK Cyclones. They might even be top 4 over Christmas as they have Wolves and Storm 2 next meet. Check out their predicted results for league meet 3 below.

Nottingham Sheriffs 14 v 10 Wessex Wolves
Nottingham Sheriffs 14 v 10 London Storm 2

London Storm - Down 20 points

Drawing against Wessex and losing to Nottingham were not part of the plan for Storm at the start of the season. They will argue that they were missing key players like Jonny Day and Liam Ryder in Meet 2 but they were present for meet 1. Their lacklustre start has meant they are limping along on 3 points. Cyclones are going to be smelling blood in the water after last season’s draw and Killer Bees are going to be looking to bounce back after a disappointing result against Bedford.

London Storm 14 v 10 MK Cyclones
London Storm 11 v 13 Manchester Killer Bees

Men’s league 1:

Leeds Owls and Coventry Silverbacks - Up 20 points

Silverbacks and Owls have both gone up 20 points and sit 1st and 2nd but it has been Coventry that seem to have dispatched the tougher opposition. They have beaten Phantoms, Storm 3, Worker Bees and Rangers 2 who have an average rating of 1385. Compared to Leeds opposition who have an average rating of 1370. The two teams will not meet this year so we shall have to see how this battle pans out in 2022. A good indicator of which team might be coming out on top is that they are both going to be facing Thunderdodge. Which team will have the better result?

Coventry Silverbacks 11 v 13 Bedford Mighty Eagles
Coventry Silverbacks 16 v 8 Thunderdodge
Leeds Owls 13 v 11 Manchester Worker Bees
Leeds Owls 15 v 9 Thunderdodge

Nottingham Sheriffs 2 – Down 23 points

Whatever the first team are doing it seems like this team is not. Bottom of league one with a -50 point set difference. Admittedly they have not had the easiest start playing three of the current top four, but I think they will agree when I say score lines were disappointing. To have any chance of staying up the next meet will be a big one, facing Worker Bees in 7th and Virtue Empire in 8th.

Nottingham Sheriffs 12 (f) v 12 Worcester Virtue Empire
Nottingham Sheriffs 13 v 11 Manchester Worker Bees

Men’s League 2

Leamington Spartans 2 - Up 36 points

I started looking where Leamington have been sourcing their up-and-coming talent. It didn’t take me long as Warwick Uni have been Spartan’s feeder club as long as they have existed. Three of the current Spartans squad won the 2010 London Open with Warwick (as early as FB allows). So, it's no surprise to see this team doing well, a balance of experience and youthful potential means they are top of League 2. However, they are not alone, Nighthawks and Dragons are also undefeated. They face each other in round 3 with Nighthawks as a 2% favourite. Spartans 2 have a relatively easy meet 3 but facing Nighthawks twice and dragons once across meets 4 and 5 means it gets a lot harder.

Leamington Spartans 2 12 (f) v 12 Stafford Raptors
Leamington Spartans 2 13 v 11 Derby Phantoms 2

Manchester Soldier Bee’s – Down 46 points

Ouch, this isn’t the biggest rating drop but it’s a tough pill to swallow. I’m not sure there is too much to say about why; some great teams have been added to the division. The teams from last seasons division 2 have also struggled with Raptors 2 and Phantoms 2 both in the bottom 4. Soldier Bees will be facing Cyclones 2 and Raptors 2 for precious points for all teams in the relegation battle.

Manchester Soldier Bees 14 v 10 Stafford Raptors 2
Manchester Soldier Bees 13 v 11 MK Cyclones 2

Men’s League 3

Coventry Silverbacks 2 – Up 109 points

This is where the big numbers reside, fresh faced teams never played before finding their way to an accurate rating. Silverbacks are the epitome of this, never played in an event until the league meets and they've come out flying! The only team in the division 4 wins from 4 matches and because of this they have shot up in rating as well

Coventry Silverbacks 2 14 v 12 Canterbury Crocodiles
Coventry Silverbacks 2 13 v 11 Sheffield Bovines

Worcestershire Virtue Neophytes – Down 77 points

Panthers got out of this one! Even though Virtue are not bottom of the league they have the biggest rating drop in the men's league 3. Thanks to Virtue having big problems against two of the top three and only scoring 3 points in the last league meet means -77 rating points. To reiterate, with fresh teams like these its all about finding the accurate rating before taking any notice of these figures

Worcestershire Virtue Neophytes 7 v 17 Sheffield Bovines
Worcestershire Virtue Neophytes 10 v 14 Norwich Nighthawks 3

Women’s Super League

Derby Phantoms - Up 63 points

Phantoms are the only team to win all 4 matches in the minefield that is the women’s super league right now. They have beaten Queen Bees, White Tigers, Rangers and Sheriffs, all by double digit leads. Even Spartans slipped up and drew against Sheriffs and only beat White Tigers by 1 set. We shall have to see how this one pans out as Derby take on the unpredictable Storm and Wolves.

Derby Phantoms 17 v 7 Wessex Wolves
Derby Phantoms 13 v 11 London Storm

Bedford Rangers – Down 37 points

Rangers men are making Bedford teal but the women have some work to do. Rangers have had 3 losses including one against their Bedford rivals, however a draw against Queen Bees might spark some life into their season. Their first match is a must win against White Tigers and if they do, then could go into the match against Spartans with no fear!

Bedford Rangers 16 v 8 Leicester White Tigers
Bedford Rangers 10 v 14 Leamington Spartans

Women’s League 1

Stafford Raptors - Up 129 points

After talking to a few members, it seems like raptors took offense by their rating in the last article and I think they might have taken it out on Nighthawks. They even showed me the 22-2 score line, to try and demonstrate they deserve a higher rating. Don’t worry the maths is catching up and starting to give you a rating that you might appreciate more. Worcester Empire and Honey Bees are next in the firing line.

Stafford Raptors 18 v 6 Worcestershire Virtue Vixens
Stafford Raptors 10 v 14 Manchester Honey Bees

Nottingham Sheriffs 2 – Down 94 points

I don’t want to dwell on this number too long. The women’s league 2 is full of teams with inaccurate ratings. Combine that with some results that Sheriffs 2 will want back means that they have been in a perfect storm.  Stafford Raptors 2 and a tasty midlands derby against Phantoms 2 could get them on the right track again.

Nottingham Sheriffs 2 10 v 14 Derby Phantoms 2
Nottingham Sheriffs 2 13 v 11 Stafford Raptors 2