Games of the week - 2

Games of the week - 2

English Women’s Super League and Mens Super League

Wait what is this, combining the two super leagues into one section!!!!!

That is because we have a cracking double header starting at 16.15. First, we have in the English Women’s Super League:

Bedford Mighty Eagles v Leamington Spartans

Then immediately following it we have in the English Men’s Super League:

 Lutterworth Meteors v Leamington Spartans

These two games both involve the gold and silver medallists from the 2021/22 season.

In the Women’s Super League both teams started off very strong, outscoring their opponents by a total of 60 points. They both have tough opposition in their first match ups with Mighty Eagles facing East Anglia Valkyries and Spartans facing London Storm 1 so both teams should be firing on all cylinders going into the final match of the session.

Lutterworth meteors comes in with a similar vein of form with a 8 point win over Bronze medallist Bedford Rangers and a straight forward win against London Storm 2 and will be going into this match with high confidence. Especially as Leamington Spartans did not start as hot with a really close loss to London Storm, however they did beat Rangers in their second match bouncing back well.

Now who is predicted to win

Bedford Mighty Eagles 15 – 9 Leamington Spartans

Mighty Eagles 68.1% Draw 17.1%  Spartans 14.8%


Lutterworth Meteors 12-12 Leamington Spartans

Meteors 36.7% Draw 22.5%  Spartans 40.7%


Now, I just want to highlight Bedford Rangers who lost both of their opening round matches against Spartans and Meteors. This week they face two undefeated teams in Manchester Bees and Derby Phantoms. they need to stop the freefall before they lose touch with the top. A loss to either of these teams may make the rest of their season much much harder.


English Mens League 1

Only two teams came out with two victories in the opening round: Bedford Mighty Eagles and Leamington Spartans 2. The funny thing is we will be able to give a direct comparison between the two, as Spartans 2 face the two teams that Mighty Eagles faced in round 1.  They are tough teams as well in MK Cyclones and Norwich Nighthawks. For reference the scores were 14-10 and 15-9 respectively to Mighty Eagles

MK Cyclones 14-10 Leamington Spartans 2

Cyclones 56.6% Draw 20.5% Spartans 2 23.0%

Norwich Nighthawks 12-12 Leamington Spartans 2

Nighthawks 36.0% Draw 22.5% Spartans 2 41.5%


English Women’s League 1

We have a cracking game in Women’s League 1, Leicester White Tigers and Wessex Wolves were both relegated last season but have bounced back to top League 1 after round 1. White tigers have the edge after being one of only two women’s teams to score more than 20 points during round 1

Wessex Wolves 14-10 Leicester White Tigers

Wolves 62.0% Draw 19.1% Spartans 2 19.0%

Leeds Owls 13-11 Norwich Nighthawks

Owls 54.8% Draw 24.8% Nighthawks 24.3%


Where to Watch

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