Duane Wysynski: President of the World Dodgeball Federation

Duane Wysynski: President of the World Dodgeball Federation

We recently interviewed the President of the World Dodgeball Federation, Duane Wysynski, to get some insight on the future of dodgeball across the world!

In this interview, we learn how he got into dodgeball, his personal visions for the sport and most importantly the WDBF's future roadmap. He shares some great insight on WDBF's plans, including where dodgeball is heading in terms of rule sets, sponsorships and the Olympics!

Time Stamps:

(0:46) The story so far: how did Duane become the president of WDBF?

(2:48) What has changed since becoming president?

(3:59) Where is dodgeball heading?

(6:04) What is the biggest obstacle dodgeball needs to overcome?

(7:02) What can players do to help grow dodgeball?

Fans Questions:

(8:43) Your favourite dodgeball memory?

(10:34) Is there a plan in place to implement one rule-set?

(17:11) Are WDBF applying for GAISF status (Olympics)?

(21:00) What's the reason for not letting the home nations to compete at the World-Champs?

(24:37) Final message

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