5 Easy Steps to Setting Up A Dodgeball Club

5 Easy Steps to Setting Up A Dodgeball Club

Finished Uni? Moved to a new city? Or you simply just love dodgeball and want to spread the word? Well, we’ve put together these five proven easy steps to setting up a dodgeball club whatever your situation.

1. Roles & Responsibilities

When setting up a club, it is important to establish roles from the forefront. Even if you are going alone, it is important to understand the different roles required and the responsibilities of each role. Once appointed, you can then proceed with the other steps in setting up. (Remember, if you do have other people, it can make these parts easier).

These roles include: Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Data Controller and Welfare officer.

2. Club Documents

Next, it’s essential that the club acquires or creates the necessary club documents; this is the legal side of the club and ensures all your processes are correct. It also ensures that you and your members are appropriately protected. For a full list of the recommended documents you’ll need, check out British Dodgeball’s start-up guide.

See the British Dodgeball guide here

3. Training & Qualifications

It is also a good idea to have a coaching qualification. To be recognised and supported by British Dodgeball, undertake a British Dodgeball coaching qualification, as well a Sports First Aid course, and depending on the age group you are coaching, to may need Enhanced DBS and Safeguarding training.

4. Find a Venue

You’ll need to find a suitable venue next. Most sports centres allow you to book an individual badminton court or half a hall, which helps you keep costs down. Consider how many attendees you may get to your first few sessions and book the space you need accordingly. As you grow, you can upsize. And make your booking regular. This will also help you get a good rate.

You could even use an outdoor venue which are often free of charge. But please make sure you take necessary safety precautions as flooring is somewhat different to indoor venues

And remember, dodgeball courts are typically 16x8m - so make sure you factor that when booking.

5. Get Your Equipment

You’re pretty much there… apart from equipment! Historically, this part can be quite stressful. Dodgeballs, ball bags, court markers… what else? 

Stress no more, as House of Dodge has everything you need in one place. Browse our shop to find all the dodgeball equipment and accessories that you’ll need.

We’ve even put together a starter-pack bundle to make the process even more stress-free! If you need any further help, reach out to our team who will be happy to help! Alternatively, British Dodgeball's fantastic guide may have some of the answers you're looking for.